Representing Somalia, Congo, Tanzania and Burundi and currently living in Burlington, Vermont, A2VT synthesizes their native African musical and dance roots with Western pop and Hip Hop sensibilities. Their songs, performed in up to eight unique languages, reflect their journey from Africa to America, and celebrate the musical collision of two continents and the party that ensues!

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Jilib was born in Jilib, Somalia and came to America in 2005, and now resides in Burlington, VT.

He graduated from BHS in 2008 and formed A2VT shortly thereafter. You can hear him on A2VT recordings, singing in English, Somali, and Maay Maay, his native language.

Jilib also has his own catering business called Jilib Jiblets.( Said Abdalla Jilib)

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Special Guest: R.O.D. (Real Ova Deceit) 

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area, R.O.D. started making music when he was just 19 years old. Finding an escape through Hip Hop, he put all of his effort into making mixtapes. Three years later he moved to the small state of Vermont to expand his brand, and focus on perfecting his craft. Working with a versatile group of camera men, producers, other artists, music consultants, and video editors. R.O.D.'s music  became very versatile.


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Special Guest: Meax

Originally from Tanzania via Burundi . A dynamic singer (Kirundi) and dancer, he has been performing with A2VT since 2014.

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Special Guest: Abizo

Aymard Math, known by his stage name Abizo is a Congolese rapper, singer and songwriter. He raps in French.

(instagram: abizofficial)

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DJ All Day 

A recent addition to the A2VT family, Congo/Burundi/Tanzania native DJ All Day has been performing with A2VT for the past summer season and moving forward. He also spins at weddings and parties.

(facebook: Alex Nshimyeimana)